Americas ambivalent attitude toward health care

If you follow the discussion about the health care reform in the U.S.A. then it becomes obvious how ambivalent the subject of health care is being discussed, even so health care is the most important job motor since decades and is also the most important cause of full employment in the U.S.

According to a prognosis of the US- Bureau of Labor Statistics health care will be the biggest employer in the US by the year 2024


Furthermore it becomes obvious that the discussion mainly focuses onto questions of heath care structures and expenditures and the main problem is almost not mentioned: the low productivity of the heath care sector. According to a study of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy the main reason for heath care expenditures is medical process. The savings it achieves are not enough to cover its expenditures. As a result, expenditures are constantly increasing. The low productivity is the problem, not the expenditures.

With the turn of the century a new long business cycle began – the sixth Kondratieff. Its main carrier is the health economy. To exploit the growing potential of this long cycle health care expenditures should not be seen as burdensome costs that are to be avoided or be kept as low as possible. Instead they should be regarded as an investment – as the most important investments in Americas future! There is no other or second candidate that has that many productivity potential laying dormant as the health care sector, therefore health should get highest priority on the economic and political agenda.