Health as the antidote against a misaligned economy

The Guardian from Sunday 26th March 2017 „Populism is the result of economic failure” by Larry Elliot.

The author rightly noticed that in bad economic times people vote for populism, as we can see momentarily happening all over the world. Indeed people tend to become more radical and listen more to extreme views than they would in good economic times. The overall atmosphere in society and the feeling of the people is pessimistic, they lack a perspective, noone knows how to get the economy out of this misery and all previous methods and explanations do not work anymore. We seem to be stuck and the end of capitalism seems to be inevitable and any economic growth utterly impossible. But these situations happened before and capitalism did obviously not end.

The antidote against populism is an economic upswing. As soon as peoples´ lives are economically better off, their views change. Economic recessions and pessimistic feelings can be overcome by supporting and focussing on those economic areas that offer the best potential for a long term growth as a market. This will lead to the creation of many new jobs, new ground-breaking innovations and from this an economic upswing.

This new economic upswing that we need now, will be according to Leo Nefiodow the sixth Kondratieff wave which will contain innovations in the health, specifically in holistic health; this means health physically, mentally, spiritually, and also in the broader aspect like in our social and natural environment.

The current demands for more physical health, psychological wellbeing, environmental protection and sustainability, a just society and social order is more than a current modern movement, in fact it is the way towards a real economic upswing and prosperity.